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It was formerly referred to as Secure Socket Layer (SSL certificate). Backing up your WordPress database does not help you secure the WordPress database. However, it is absolutely crucial to be able to recover promptly from a disaster or an attack. On Linux, the MySQL client logs statements executed interactively are saved to a history file (typically located in $HOME/.mysql_history). As such, you should disable the MySQL command history since this reduces the likelihood of exposing sensitive information, such as passwords, encryption keys, or other secrets.

  • It requires serious effort to improve Linux security and apply system hardening measures correctly.
  • Best practices include setting proper file permissions, using encrypted file systems when necessary, regularly backing up important data, and using tools like ‘chattr’ to prevent unauthorized changes to critical files.
  • An argument could also be made to lock down the destinations to only allow incoming connections over certain ports, but companies don’t often control their destination devices.
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  • While a web-based graphical interface can help you manage your MySQL databases, these interfaces can increase the attack surface by adding another vector.

In this article, which is primarily aimed at those managing their own MYSQL, we offer several tips and tutorials on how to secure MySQL. We cover everything from changing the default database prefix and default settings to which options you should enable or disable. Even so, the extensive list of best practices presented in this article is worth a read for anyone managing WordPress websites. Cloudflare Gateway’s protocol detection simplifies this process by allowing you to specify the protocol within a Gateway Network policy.

LUNAR (system security scanner)

However, it is not a practical limitation for us as we release kernels often (roughly every week) to keep up with a steady stream of bug fixes and vulnerability patches in the Linux Kernel. In this webinar, we attack the Breach2 “Capture the Flag” (CTF) virtual machine (VM), created by @mrb3n. The Breach CTF virtual machines are all themed on the classic cult movie, Office Space. You don’t need to remember the movie to enjoy the CTF and the webinar, but it’s a great bonus if you do. This course is intended for anyone who wants to understand how to secure their Linux systems or enhance existing their existing security. Nixarmor is a set of shell scripts to harden Linux systems and help with security automation.

Linux Hardening and Security Lessons

During this part of the installation, there is also the option to encrypt all the data. It is done by setting a password or passphrase, that needs to be provided Linux Hardening and Security Lessons during the boot of the Linux system. If you want to achieve the maximum security of your Linux distribution, consider first how well the hardware is protected.

Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (KASLR)

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Linux Hardening and Security Lessons